• Plant For A New Born
Plant For A New Born
THE JUNGLEES' newest initiative 'PLANT FOR A NEW BORN' is essentially an environmental awareness campaign cum action targeted amongst the parents of the new born babies by imbibing the values of planting trees in them. In its outreach, this flagship project aims at roping in parents of new borns to inculcate environmental consciousness in their children as they grow up. This is a unique step forward in creating awareness in the society and is a first of its kind conceived in the world.

The summer of 2009 saw the initiation of this impactful project. Having placed its first foothold in Health Point Nursing Home and subsequently in Belle Vue Clinic, it has been a roaring success ever since. This project automatically distinguishes parents as green ambassadors of THE JUNGLEES.

Treating the gifted tree sapling as the new born's first material gift, the parents in all likelihood will render maximum amount of care and protection to the plant, in the same manner as they will tend to their new borns. The project outlook is that the parents will not deny the gift for sheer sentimental reasons and in the process the life of the plant will be secured. Inspired by this idea, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation has also incorporated this into their 'Green Kolkata'scheme lately.

Presently, through such actions, the message of nature conservation is spreading faster and more meaningfully in practice than any amount of preaching on greening.