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Dear Friend,

Does the majestic grandeur of the deep forests and their wild denizens excite you?

THE JUNGLEES welcome you to the fascinating world of Indian wilderness. Follow the myriad game trails. Discover the boundless wealth of our country's flora and fauna and the rich folk culture of our charming Tribal people. Care and campaign for the conservation of species. Spread the message – forests are forever.

Established in January 1986, we are a group of active environmentalists charged with a desire to conserve the majesty of untamed life. Our task is to direct public attention towards conservation & maintenance of ecological harmony, getting involved in this movement that is on-going all over India. We seek to whet the enthusiasts' desire to discover the distinctive aspects of the geographical, zoological and anthropological environment in a very Indian context.

Ever since the inception of THE JUNGLEES, we have been frequenting forests across the country. Right through these field visits for wildlife census, corridor surveys, anti- poaching operations or orientation camps, we have been discovering nature and its agents more meaningfully.

Our ordeals of being charged by a rogue tusker in Bandipur, being tossed up on high seas in the Gulf of Mannar, getting lost for days in dense forests and crossing a flash flooded river in Similipal, spending a dust storm hit night on a tree top in Ranthambhore have all now turned into treasured memories. So has it been for the forest staff accompanying us. In such sojourns, we heard their stories, saw them in action and equally confronted their challenges to gauge how harsh their life could be! Their sense of responsibilities are undaunted by their plight. For the field staff, safe survival is an eternal challenge, day in and day out. It is because of these silent saviours that our wilderness stands are matchless on a four million square kilometer geographic canvas.

Does this motivate you to come with us? In this journey of exploring the unknown flora & fauna and seeking adventure in the thickset forests enshrouded in magic & mystery? Would you join us in our endeavour to travel over off the beaten tracks across the land, to formulate an active principle to chart & tabulate forest and wetland maps & statistics? To engage yourself in organizing medical camps or in interview of foresters and tribals ? To devote your pastime either in preparing informative hand-outs on flora-fauna or in wild-life photography? Could you make yourself available in our weekly meets or go for weekend Nature study and bird watching trips ?

If you agree, then yes, you are the person we are in the look-out for. In eager anticipation of your positive response, that would add hues to the precious splendour of the gorgeous greens.

With sincere thanks,

Raja Chatterjee
Telephone : +91-(33)-2398-5146
Cell No. : +91-94334-20602
E-mail : rajachatterjee1@gmail.com