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GREEN PAGE – An approach and Lessons Learnt
AboutThe Junglees
  • We, THE JUNGLEES, we are functioning as an advocacy-cum-activist NGO in nature conservation since 1986.

  • Based on the objective of protecting the country’s wildlife and tribal heritage through surveys and campaign, we reach out to work at the grass root level.

  • We strive to lobby for unbiased solutions in conservation related policies.

  • Some of the major accomplishments from our initiatives include:

  • 1. Stopping the poaching menace on migratory birds with the help of school students at PURBASTHALI in West Bengal.

    2. Saving the TIGER CORRIDOR between the forests of KANHA NP and ACHANAKMAR WLS in Madhya Pradesh – Chhattisgarh.

    3. Instituting the flagship project GREEN GUARD AWARDS, since 2001, a wildlife service awards scheme (largest in the country) to recognise the effective and dauntless services of the forest staff engaged in protecting our country’s Wildlife and Natural Heritage, often by risking their own lives.

    4. Organising GREEN PAGE CAMPAIGN amongst 850 odd dailies and magazines in India for putting a green page in dailies.

    GREEN PAGEAn Idea in the New Millennium
  • The Junglees appeal for a GREEN PAGE in Newspapers and Periodicals, as almost all publications accord regular and liberal coverage on Nature and Environment.

  • GREEN PAGE is like a social recognition of importance of related issues in print media in the line with Sports Page and Business Page or Life Style Page.

  • The Junglees’ research reveals that a GREEN PAGE could be published by mere reorientation of the page lay-out of a Newspaper for News, Views and Images those otherwise appear daily in a scattered manner.

  • The niche could encompass Environment management, Environmental Research and Education, Pollution control, Nature and Wildlife conservation, Indigenous people, NGO activities, Eco-tourism, Green laws etc. This apart,

  • GREEN PAGE could also be a vehicle for relevant advertisements and insertions, justifying the economic viability.

  • The Junglees believe, a GREEN PAGE would help expand the Readership base too.

  • GREEN PAGEConcept
  • A GREEN PAGE as conceived, could be a Window to the world of nature and environment. A GREEN PAGE should essentially be a space dedicated in the Newspaper & Periodicals catering to News, Views and Images focused on problems and prospects of :

  • - Environment degradation and management, Forest & Wildlife Conservation ---

    - Poaching, Animal Rights, Indigenous People, Victims of Disorder
    - Pollution Control Policies & Practice, Climate Change, Global Warming
    - NGO activities, Public Interest Litigation, Eco-Tourism, Environmental Laws.
    - Pet Management, Genetic Engineering, Ecological Farming, Waste Management

  • By introducing a GREEN PAGE, the print media could automatically switch on to a total communication channel for awareness and action to protect environment and conserve nature.

  • GREEN PAGEOrganisation
    A GREEN PAGE could be published by reorienting page lay-out in a Newspaper, for relevant features and photographs. This restructuring could appear more reader friendly. A GREEN PAGE could have space reserved for Environment related advertisements.

    GREEN PAGEViability
  • A GREEN PAGE publication could be economically viable as that would only warrant a page specific reformatting without having to add on a new page.

  • Publication of GREEN PAGE would lead to an increment in readership.

  • A supportive fiscal policy of Tax Benefits towards GREEN ADVERTISEMENTS could further ensure the economic viability.

  • GREEN PAGEJustification
  • Introduction of GREEN PAGE would surely set a new order in Environmental Journalism and could help emerge a new brand of environment conscious citizens and more informed policy makers.

  • Publication of GREEN PAGE promises a path breaking potential for changing the course and face of World society on awareness. It would symbolize a historic recognition of Newspapers’ reorientation of social priorities, values and practice for good.

    GREEN PAGEA Strategic Research to Approach
    In order to check the amount of Green news coverage in dailies, The Junglees carried out a meaningful research on all the published Green news, views and images in some eight major dailies in India for entire the month of May 1996.

    Cutting and pasting of the Green news items for each news paper was done on a standard page lay out to create a page make up with column/c.m. statistics.

    With a sample size of 240 newspapers (i.e. 8newspapers x 30 days), Research revealed that Green issues take up at least 60% on an average of the area of a single page on any given day, for all the selected dailies.

    This result was encouraging as rest of the page could ideally have Green Ads.

    GREEN PAGETowards Translating Ideas into Action
    The Junglees then felt, a dialogue was essential to help shape the dream.

    On September 27, 1997 The Junglees organised a media conference on GREEN PAGE for the decision makers, from Media, Government, Corporate, Advertising sectors and NGOs. This was the ever largest media campaign on the issue in India.

    Some 8000 campaign letters were then posted across the India to every single decision maker of 850 Dailies, 200 Magazines, 150 Advertisement Agencies, and 200 N.G.O.s asking for their views and support through a focused questionnaire.

    GREEN PAGELESSONS LEARNT: Response from the Field
    About 30 News papers, 20 Advertising Agencies and 16 NGOs responded positively to our appeal, from all corners of the country.

    Respondents though liked the idea but wondered on steady sourcing of News.

    It appeared that, there was a general lack of interest amongst the News papers.

    Most of the Newspapers was conservative and unwillingly to experiment.

    The Junglees was too small an Organisation to carry out large scale follow-up

    In absence of INTERNET, the exercise could succeed on big houses support.

    GREEN PAGEPossibilities Unlimited
    Green Page has immense potential TO SERVE A GLOBAL CAUSE.

    Present level of world consciousness ensures a solid readership base.

    World leaders and Industry today are working on climate change.

    Advertisements on Environment Protection are now a routine Policy.

    News sourcing for Green page is simple in this age of INTERNET.

    Green Page ensures a new dawn of environmental journalism.

    Any Newspaper starting a Green Page will be a forerunner in history.

    GREEN PAGEDisclaimer
    The ideas mentioned in this presentation are opinions of THE JUNGLEES.

    The concept of GREEN PAGE has been conceived by Raja Chatterjee, Secretary, The Junglees.

    All copy rights of concept and text are reserved by THE JUNGLEES.

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