• Field Support
YAAS Relief Mission - 2nd Camp on July 1, 2021 @ Gobindopur,
Bagna Beat, Bashirhat Range, Sunderban Tiger Reserve.
A brief Report : This has been an incredible experience at Sunderbans while on journey way up and down from to one of the remotest corners where relief had scarcely reached till July 1, 2021!! Braving the mighty web of rivers under a constant threat of heavy rains THE JUNGLEES could reach out to some 200 + families with materials and LOGISTIC SUPPORT from the Sunderbans Tiger Reserve authorities. Our relief package included : Musoor Lentils - 500 grms, Mustard Oil - 1/2 ltrs., Potato - 3 kgs, Onion - 1 kg, Ginger and Garlic, Spices, salt packets and Soap, each pkt cost works out to @ Rs. 350/- approx. We started in the wee hours of July 1 at 3.30 a.m. and returned at 8 p.m. having traversed a long distance in 4+4 hours of drive and 4+4 hours of sailing !! It rained incessantly while returning and rivers were in spate, white-outs, a little rolling preceded by some mind boggling scenes on dark cloud formations on horizon, engulfing massive spread of 4-8 kms wide rivers !!

Our team included Ms. Chitral Chatterjee, Mr. Debabroto Pal, Mr. Debanjan Pal, Mr.Shakti Chakraborty, Mr. Ali Asgar Hanif, Dr. Prosenjit Singha Deo, Mr. Ashit Das, Mr. Jitendra (mini Truck driver), Raja Chatterjee along with Beat Officer Mr. Imdadul Haque, Mr. Ali Molla and other staff of the Forest Deptt.

YAAS RELIEF MISSION - 2021, conducted by THE JUNGLEES on June 8, 2021
at cyclone hit village Patibunia, Fraserganj, South 24 Paraganas.
On May 26, 2021 cyclone YAAS had struck and wreaked unprecedented havoc in parts of South Bengal, specially in Sunderbans Tiger Reserve and adjoining areas. The colossal damage of human habitats alongside the loss of wildlife including Tigers, Deer (as reports trickle in) have rendered us speechless, stunned and shocked ! Any conservative estimate would suggest that the extent of damage done is four times that of cyclone Amphan, swept last year (2020) sharp.

However, alike the previous occasions, THE JUNGLEES have come forward with a helping hand in aid of the villagers in distress.

Ration Packets Distributed to 128 families containing following materials like Rice (4 kgs), Musoor Dal (600 grms), Mustard Oil (1/2 ltr.), Salt (500 grms), Baby Food (2 pkts), Flattened Rice (1 kg), Molasses (250grms), Potatoes (800 grms), Onions (700 grms), Soybeans (600 grms), Assorted Spices, ORS pkts. Each Bag contained materials worth Rs. 450/- .
Our Team Members : Ms. Pialee Chakraborty, Ms. Arpita Chakraborty, Mr. Debobrata Pal, Mr. Bijon Pal, Mr. Banibrata Guha, Mr. Shakti Charaborty, Mr. Raju (Driver), Suman (Truck Driver) and Raja Chatterjee. Operations overseen by Mr. Kushan Dutta, Beat Office and Sk. Khalil, Panchayat Member with his team.

Patibunia has become a Hot Spot now for watching Migratory Birds during the winter months as many rare species or yet unrecorded ones sighted even this year ! Recipients are the poorest lot, engaged in fishing activities. Thanks to the young people of the village who guide annd accompany the birders to birding spots! Major species found this year include - Common Tern, River Tern, Brown Headed Gull, Common Gull, Black Headed Gull, Terreck Sandpiper, Black capped Kingfisher, Common Kingfisher, Collared Kingfisher, White Wagtail.

YAAS Relief Mission - Medicine Handover, June 5, 2021
Minutes back, handed over some medicine on S.O.S. basis to representative of Mr. Sriram Gayen of Kumirmari Village, Bali Island, Sunderbans to Mr. Satyaki Naha. Materials will reach Sunderbans tomorrow by 11 am. Best wishes for World Environment Day in advance to all.

Members present : Ms Chitral Chatterjee, Mrs Srabani Chatterjee, Raja Chatterjee

AMPHAN Relief Mission, 2020, 3rd Leg, Date - July 11, 2020
Place - Deulbari 2 Village, Raidighii Range, Kultali Beat, South 24 PGS Forest Division, Sunderbans
All water bodies at Deulbari 2 Village got polluted, inundated by saline water so are the fields as a vast tract of embankments have been breached during AMPHAN. THE JUNGLEES decided to install de-Watering Pumps there to clean up as many village tanks as possible on a war-footing.

Participants from THE JUNGLEES :
Dr. Mafizul Haque, Mr. Sanjay Thakur, Raja Chatterjee, Ranjit (Driver), plus Mr. Kushan Dutta, Beat Officer and Staff from the Forest Office.

AMPHAN Relief Mission, 2020, 2nd Leg, Date - June 14, 2020
Place - Deulbari 2 Village, Raidighii Range, Kultali Beat, South 24 PGS Forest Division, Sunderbans
Responding to a S.O.S. from Deulbari 2 village on mighty Matla river by THE JUNGLEES.

Life in Sunderbans has been devastated by the super Cyclone AMPHAN that struck on May 20, 2020.

While on a Relief Distribution Mission on June 14, appalled by the unspeakable plight of people there, we adopted the village Deulbari 2 on the banks of the mighty river Matla. It is bang opposite to the forests of Tigerland, separated by a mere 140 feet narrow creek. While one side is dotted with tiny Human Habitations, the other harbours man-eating Royal Bengal Tigers, curtained by mere nylon net systems.

On June 13, a young man was killed by a Tiger at 7.30 am as he approached the forest for fuel wood.

Handed over to 100 + families, Our relief package (each packet costs @Rs. 550/-) includes:
Flattened Rice - 100 lbs, Molasses - 60 kgs, Biscuits - 10 cartoons, Sanitary Napkins - 108 pkts,, Medicine, Bleaching Powder - 20 lbs, Lime - 140 kgs, Mosquito Nets - 100 nos, Mats - 60 nos., plus 2x500 litres Water Tanks

Participants from THE JUNGLEES :
Mr. Hrituraj Chowdhury, Mr. Debaobroto Pal, Mr.Kaushik De, Raja Chatterjee, Ranjit (Driver), Truck driver plus Mr. Kushan Dutta, Beat Officer and Staff from the Forest Office.

THE JUNGLEES express their sincere thanks to the supportive members, Donors and the corporate houses viz. Britannia Industries, Patton International, IndianOil Corpn., Hindustan Petroleum, Corpn., Govind Enterprise .

AMPHAN Relief Mission, 2020, 1st Leg, Date - June 4, 2020
Place - Katamari Village, Kultali Range, South 24 PGS Forest Division, Sunderbans
Handed over to 100 + families, Our relief package (each packet costs @Rs. 650/-) includes:
Rice 10 kg, Musur Dal 1kg, Potatoes 2kg, Mustard Oil 1 litre, Salt 1kg, Flattened Rice 500 grms, Soybean 400 grms, Biscuits 4 packs, Sanitary Napkin 1 pkt, Plus Large Water Tank of 500 litres.

Participants from THE JUNGLEES :
Dr. Mafizul Haque, Mr. Debaobroto Pal, Mr.Kaushik De, Raja Chatterjee, Ranjit (Driver) plus Staff from the Forest Range Office

Field Support
"Empower the Guards of Wild" series is on and The Junglees is committed to it. On 14th & 15th June, members of The Junglees have visited Manas National park to handover first lots of Rain suits for the monsoon patrolling guards of the park. 100 nos of Rain suits have been handed over to CCF & Field Director of Manas Tiger Reserve , Mr. Anindya Swrgowari,IFS at the Barpeta Road Office of Project Tiger.We salute the Field Staffs of Manas for their end less efforts & hard work which now resulted in one of the richest & flourishing forest of India. We also sincerely thanks the LIC of India for sponsoring the rain suits for the Manas National Park.

Manas is a National Park, a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site, a Project Tiger Reserve,an Elephant Reserve and a Biosphere Reserve situated in Himalayan foothills of Assam and in contiguous with the Royal Manas National Park in Bhutan. The park is known for its rare and endangered endemic wildlife such as the Assam Roofed Turtle, Hispid Hare, Golden Langur ,Wild water buffalo and Pygmy Hog, apart from Tiger , Elephant & Rihno.
FIELD SUPPORT - PURBASTHALI (Bird Booklet Distribution )

In pursuance of THE JUNGLEES continuing training programme for Boatmen at Purbasthali Gangetic Isle Complex, we made a short errand at Purbasthali last Sunday, on 4/1/2014. Purpose of the trip was to equip the local boatmen with a booklet on major species of migratory birds found on its isle, to help identify the species for unoriented tourists. The booklet (size - 3.5"x5.5"), published in Bengali, showcases a photograph of one species on the left page while the facing page contains a brief outline of its basic information, that serves the purpose. A short programme was organised at 11 a.m. at the Picnic Spot, facing the waterfront of the Oxbow Lake, in presence of the Panchayat Pradhan (village head) and members of Purbasthali Eco-Development Committee, while the boatmen dominated the scene. The booklet titled " BOOKLET FOR BOATMEN ON DUCKS AND WADERS AT PURBASTHALI ", was distributed amongst all the local boatmen by members and the associates of THE JUNGLEES. It was heartening to receive praises from all around for such an important yet small initiative. Members Mr. Shantonu Chakraborty, Mr. Debarpan Banerjee and our friend Mr. Mantu Hait accompanied me. We at THE JUNGLEES believe that the local boatmen are the best CUSTODIANS cum GUARDS of this unique eco-system are supposed to be empowered with due knowledge on birds and techniques of identification that paves the way for their being true GUIDES as well. With this viewpoint, we had earlier conducted an audio-visual traing programme for them on December 22.12.13 with members Mr. Hrituraj Chowdhury (President), Mr. Soumik Ror Chowdhuri, Mr. Shantonu Chakraborty and myself. After the function we sailed along the main course of river Bhagirathi northward to a few remote points. It was a feast for the eyes as we behold a flock of 300 plus Ruddy Shel Ducks amid sanderlings, Coot, Garganey, Red Crested Pochards, Pintails and a host of species of wader birds. The long strip of Island was being jealously guarded by a pair of sentries, An Osprey and a Perigrene Falcon, a first timer at Purbasthali indeed!

FIELD SUPPORT - PURBASTHALI (Birding Jacket Distribution)

In pursuance of THE JUNGLEES decision to equip Boatmen of Purbasthali with Jackets as well, we have distributed some 20 jackects with our message, name and Logo embroidered on the jacket-back.

Birding Jackets donated to our ace boatmen M. Gobardhan and Mr. Paresh at Purbasthali during Mid Winter Waterfowl Census on February 2, 2014.


The Junglees team at Palpur - Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary for the distribution of Mosquito Nets and Caps to the Forest staffs.

Palpur-Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary is in the Sheopur district of north western Madhya Pradesh, a state in central India. It is about 120 kilometres from Gwalior. An area of 345 square kilometres was set aside as a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1981. Since then this has been elevated to the Kuno Wildlife Division with an additional area of 900 square kilometres as a buffer area around the Sanctuary. The park is home to many species of wild animals including wolves, monkeys, leopards and nilgai .

This is place which has been selected for the Re Introduction of Lions.