• Editorial
On Jewels from the Wilderness
The world of Nature and wildlife is a fascinating fountain head of all our imaginations, fancies and inventions. Yet, a threat looms large on this world of wonders across the earth. The spectre of Global warming gains a cancerous growth on our civilization, inflicted by our practice. We are emit enough carbon to terminate our own existence. A holocaust is on the anvil unless global policy planners, politicians and industrialists listen to the voice of logic of the scientists.
Even at the home front, bizarre designs of some short sighted politicians run amok to ruin India's forests and rivers. Having passed the controversial Tribal Bill, they were all set to plunder rivers through unification! It is high time that an environmental education is made mandatory for our members of the Parliament before being inducted into legislature.

The global and local scenario, however gloomy they seem to be, rays of hope still dawn on us. Millions of men, women and students are now active across the world to express their care and concern for Mother Nature embedded in countless life forms. Wind of change is blowing. Through the Green Guard Awards, we welcome these new sentinels of nature and wildlife to celebrate their accomplishments in photograpy discoveries and activism. Going beyond the borders of India, for the first time, we honour valuable media report that dares to uncover the horrible trade in tiger body parts.

The fourth Green Guard Awards bring all the wildlife sanctuaries (WLS) of India in its ambit. It has been a Herculean task to select the deserving teams from a spread of
547 sanctuaries. Our sincere thanks to each of the daring forest staff and officers in wildlife sanctuaries of India for their contributions in mission to nurse nature. For the fourth Green Guard Awards, Late Ram Dayal Srivas, Forest Guard from Palpur Kuno WLS, Madhya Pradesh and Late P. D. Majhi, Boatman from Pakke WLS, Arunachal Pradesh have been chosen posthumously for Exceptional Individual Performance. Award for the Media Reporting for Wildlife Causes goes to Mr. Simon Parry of Red Door News agency, Hong Kong. The team award for the Best Anti-Poaching Operation goes to the Pakke WLS, Arunachal Pradesh followed by Periyar WLS, Kerala. Team award for the Natural Habitat Conservation is bagged by Barnawapara WLS, Chhattisgarh while Nalsarovar WLS, Gujarat has secured position as the Best Protected Wildlife Reserve. This compendium is our humble attempt to chronicle the Green Guards' heroic actions. On Nature's behalf, we congratulate her rainbow makers.