• Awards Guide Lines
Awards Guide Lines
Guide Lines for participation

All submissions of nomination forms must adhere to the following procedures strictly :

1. Your nomination papers must reach us by **/**/**** sharp.

2. Nomination forms should be filled up in all respects. All the required information must be furnished. A success story of the nominated individual / team must accompany on the lines provided in the page No. 2 of 3 in Form A and B. You may consider participation in any one of the three categories, viz.

A.   Exceptional Individual Performance,
B.   Anti-Poaching Operation
C.   Natural Habitat Conservation
D.   Best Protected Tiger Reserve

Header form must contain complete communication details.

3. You may nominate team of maximum 11 members and / or an individual for the award. If your nomination fails to qualify for the category "Anti-Poaching Operation", the same will be considered under the category "Best Protected Tiger Reserve" by default. Awards will be adjudged on the basis of performance during the calendar years of 2008 and 2009.

4. All attachments as required in the prescribed nomination forms must be provided along with your SUBMISSION.