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On Titans from Tigerlands
Here rings the bells of 5th Green Guard awards. This time celebrating the titans of tiger reserves of India, who toil hard to ensure the animals burning bright in our wilderness do not get relegated to the book oh history. Our awardees are the new avatars in this crusade for conservation, to save tigers.

When the Project Tiger was launched in 1972, India’s tiger population was estimated at around 1800. Sadly, even after four decades of all pomp and shows, the count still hovers between 1571 and 1875. So where do we stand? It is high time we question our politicians, planners and judiciary about the debacle. The impending doom looms large on our national pride, the Tiger. SantoshSaligram’s cover photograph aptly indicates to a potential apocalypse on the anvil. Unless we act now, tiger would be drowned too like the hapless vulture, almost wiped out of the sub-continent. Who would scavenge on the Tiger Fund then?

Off late, Hon’ble Supreme Court’s dictate banning tourism in core areas has opened up flood gates of questions and queries across the world. Will tigers be safe away from the public eye? Will our children be as keen to rally behind tigers without even seeing them in the wild? Can a more disciplined and controlled tourism be not a better option to keep hooligan tourists at bay? Let the country ponder on these issues than to perpetuate a short sighted sojourn in the woods.

Through the fifth Green Guard Awards, we strive to highlight some of the exceptional individuals and team performers engaged in upkeep of India’s tiger lands.Our tribute to Late Ram Kumar Adivasi, Forest Guard from Palpur –Kuno WLS in Madhya Pradesh for making a supreme sacrifice of life for protecting his territory. Mr.Himmat Sing Negi, IFS proved his salt in securing Kanha’s buffer zone successfully. Mr.DharmendraKhandal’s nabbing of poaching gangs in Ranthambhore is a classic example of N.G.O. Activism. Mr.Krisna Kumar Tekam, Ms.IndraSudhakaran and Mr.Jodha Singh Baiga are the true torch bearers for eco-tourists, as guides in the tiger lands of Kanha and Periyar. Mr. Jay Mazoomdaar, even jeopardising his own life continues to be the whistle blower through Media Reporting. They all feature for exceptional individual performance in respective categories.

In recognising the teams’ performances, we discovered the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve of Kerala, under the leadership of its ex-director Mr.SanjayanKmar, IFS along with staff & EDC members has freed the P.A. ofcattle, plastic, fire and poachingtransforming it as the Best Protected Tiger Reserve. Tethering off the tantrums terrorists, Mr.AnindyaSwargoari, IFS and his team has bagged the laurels of Best Anti-Poaching Operation atManas TR of Assam. The unique practice of Grassland Management in Dudhwa TR in Uttar Pradesh under the stewardship ofMr.Shailesh Prasad, IFS has helped increase wildlife manifold while placing it as an example of Best Natural Habitat Conservation.

This souvenir showcases the sacrifice and actions of our sentinels of wildlife, captivating images of moment photographs by our lens-men, in celebration of accomplishments.

On Nature’s behalf, we salute her saviours!

5th Green Guard Awards